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Vimec V65 Platform Stairlift

The V65 Platform Stairlift, ideal for tracts with curves.

This curved rail platform lstairift is an ideal access solution for wheelchair users.  It provides safe accessibility indoor and outdoor to public and private buildings, offering   safety and reliability.

Vimec has been designing and manufacturing platform stairlifts since 1980, with thousands of safe and practical solutions installed in undergrounds, train stations, public offices, banks, shops, and restaurants.

Vimec ’s V65 curved platform stairlift is the ideal solution for overcoming both small and large height gaps, guaranteeing maximum reliability for individuals with disabilities and those confined to wheelchairs. The platform stairlift allows for architectural barriers to be overcome by individuals confined to wheelchairs. The presence of a Dedicated Assistant button panel allows an assistant to safely and easily manage the disabled person’s movement on the platform. 

Vimec always gives maximum attention to the safety of the individual, with the aim of providing them with all the safety, independence, and mobility they need. The assistance provided by our professional consultant is entirely free of charge, and with absolutely no commitment on your part. When you request a personal consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to ask your consultant about the benefits.

Vimec boasts over 30 years of experience and more than 110,000 installation worldwide. Contact us for a free on-site inspection and price quote, with absolutely no commitment.

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Vimec V65 Features​

  • Flexible– The V65 platform stairlift with straight guide rail is available in three sizes.
  • Versatile– The V65’s installation does not require any architectural interventions upon the existing structure, and will not compromise the style of the interior décor.
  • Reliable and durable-Thanks to design features that ensure maximum durability and excellent performance under less than optimal weather conditions, the V65 platform stairlift is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation.
  • Technology at your fingertips– The V65 is equipped with radio controls, state-of-the-art active and passive personal protection devices, and retractable safety bars to save space when the machine is not in use.
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Stairlift Jordan, Amman | Lebanon, Beirut | Handicare | Platform Lift | Home Mobility

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