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With a Life Time Warranty, you can't go wrong.

Our stairlifts made a difference in the lives of millions of people.That’s what Handicare stairlifts means. We keep families together. Individuals maintain their independence, so they can stay in their homes longer.

Stairlift Jordan, Amman | Lebanon, Beirut | Handicare | Curved | Home Mobility
women, girlfriends, nature
Stairlift Jordan, Amman | Lebanon, Beirut | Handicare | Curved | Home Mobility
women, girlfriends, nature
Stairlift Jordan, Amman | Lebanon, Beirut | Handicare | Curved | Home Mobility
Stairlift Jordan, Amman | Lebanon, Beirut | Handicare | Curved | Home Mobility

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Our Quality Marks

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Our stairlifts made a difference to millions of people!

“We’re able to stay in our own home!”

“Thanks to the stairlift, I remain active and continue my daily activities safely.”


“The stairlift helps me to be a better grandfather!”

“The stairlift is a big help. With it we are able to keep living in our much-loved home. We can safely climb the stairs and all areas of our house are accessible to us again. I have regained my independence with it. “Does Margaret use the stairlift too? Of course! She always uses it to take the laundry basket upstairs.”


“I want the very best for my parents.”

“Thankfully they quickly made an appointment with a qualified Handicare dealer. It was good to see him take the time to answer all of their questions and even show them what it would look like on their staircase. Soon after the visit, the stairlift was installed and now my mum can go up and down the stairs safely again, which certainly helps me to sleep at night.”

CustomerAffairs (4.7/5)

"Handicare wins our Award 2022 for Great Warranty so you have peace of mind once your stairlift is installed."


Our stairlifts are synonymous with high quality: quality in terms of safety, innovation, comfort and design.

This is our guarantee that all of our products meet the highest possible standards in terms of safety and quality.

 All our products are tested and approved by worldwide independent inspection institutions such as TNO and Liftinstituut.

We are part of a worldwide network of trusted partners providing local expertise for thousands of stairlift users.

5 reasons a stairlift keeps your families together.

That’s what a stairlifts means. Individuals maintain their independence, so they can stay in their homes longer.

1. Reduces the risk of a devastating fall.

Family caregivers have peace of mind in keeping their loved ones safe and mobile.

Healthcare professionals are better equipped to do their job. Handicare products help keep them and their patients safe.

Our every day is to ensure your every day is easier.

2. Keep your parents active

You may laugh at the idea of a stair lift actually helping your parents be active, but hear me out.

Instead of avoiding the stairs, and being relegated to one or two rooms of the house, your parents will actually have the freedom to move around more.

Plus getting outside to be active will be way easier. And isn’t that what we all want?

3. Saves money

The cost of a custom stair lift is one of the least pricey things you can do to make your parent’s home safer and easier to get around in.

Because a stair lift simply bolts to the stairway rail or floor, no major renovations are required.

Just remember how much an assisted living arrangement can cost, and you’ll see this is truly a bargain in comparison.

4. Helps parents do chores safely

We’re always surprised by what our customers end up doing with their stair gliders.

One client uses it to move her plants from one level to another. Another customer uses it to bring meal platters up and down the stairs to his bedridden spouse.

Another transfers her groceries from the front entrance landing to the upstairs kitchen.

A stairlift can be an easier and safer way to move anything you would otherwise have to carry up the stairs.

5. Makes your parents (and you) happier.

Freedom, independence, dignity. Our parents want the same in their retirement.

Stairs may be an obstacle, but most people want to stay in the place they love.

So how to make it work? Start by minimizing the biggest hazard in the home – the stairs.

A stairlift is an affordable way to overcome stairs and preserve the independence that your parents cherish. Everyone wins.


CustomerAffairs (4.7/5)

Handicare Stairlifts Reviews win Gold!


In February this year, Handicare working with Age Co was recognised for consistently high customer ratings, and for outstanding stairlift reviews.

Handicare received Feefo Gold Trusted Service status.

The label of Feefo Gold Trusted Service is only awarded to businesses that gain a high standard of reviews and collect a high average rating for these genuine customer reviews of the stairlifts.


Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is a stairlift?

A stairlift consists of a rail, a chassis with power unit and a seat. The track is mounted safely on the steps and NOT the handrail. The seat is mounted on the chassis. While in use the stairlift moves the seat up and down along the rail. The rail is custom made to follow the shape of your staircase, and the chair is operated by batteries, that are automatically recharged at the start and end of the rail.

What is the delivery time?

Our stairlifts are customised to fit your home’s staircase, so manufacturing lead times are longer than our standard straight
stairlifts. However, we understand the need to keep you safe within your home. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of stairlifts we have modern and optimised planning and production processes, which is why you can count on short delivery times.

Can a stairlift be installed on my staircase?

Handicare offers a wide selection of stairlifts for straight and curved stairs. With a variety of lift models we are able to provide a suitable solution for each setting regardless of whether the stairs are narrow, steep, curved or long. Handicare always has a fitting solution for your staircase.

What is the maximum user weight ?

Our stairlifts can accomodate user weights up to 136Kg, while the seat width and height can be adapted to fit the user dimensions.

What is the price of a stairlift?

Since every stairlift is customised, The price varies in regards to the stairlift configuration. However, we offer a number of solutions to work with every budget.

What happens to stairlift during a power cut?

A power failure is no reason to worry. Your stairlift will use its batteries to remain operational and can still be used for at least 10 rides up and down the stairs.

How long to install a stairlift?

Our stairlifts are pre-assembled in the factory in such a way that the installation time in your home is reduced. Therefore, a Handicare stairlift can usually be installed in a few hours

Will the stairlift match my décor ?

We will do our best to find the perfect match between the stairlift and your décor. Handicare offers you a choice of a number of seat and upholstery colours that have been selected to coordinate with most interior colours.

How to Buy a Stairlift.

STEP 1: Free Home Assessment

Home Mobility offers you a completely free, no-obligation home survey and assessment. By visiting your home, we answer all your questions make sure you get the stairlift that fits your staircase.

STEP 2: Staircase Measurements

To make sure that your new stairlift is a perfect fit for your stairs, we use a unique 4D electronic survey system. This takes the manual work out of surveying your stairs, ensuring that the measurements are taken accurately and quickly.

STEP 3: Price Quotation

Once your needs identified and your staircase surveyed, we will present you with a “no obligation” quotation.

STEP 4: Installation

Once ordered, and depending on your stairlift requirement, your stairlift will be installed as soon as it’s shipped into your country of residence. Once we have a delivery date, we will arrange a convenient time to come along and fit your new stairlift.


CustomerAffairs (4.7/5)

Over 60% of accident-related deaths amongst the elderly are due to falls involving stairs or steps.

(The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA))

home Mobility Stairlifts, elderly woman, falls in the home

Statistics show that over 100,000 elderly people each year require medical treatment following a stair-related accident.

Open tread stairs lead to falls due to confusion.

Open tread stairs are particularly hazardous, as they trick the eye, and can cause confusion, particularly for those living with dementia.

Loose and low handrails

Make sure that handrails are comfortable and sturdy, and at a size that fits your elderly relative’s hand comfortably. The bars should be firmly secured to the wall at elbow height to provide maximum support.

Poor lighting & eyesight are a bad combination.

Dim or dark stairwells are an accident waiting to happen, particularly for an elderly person with failing eyesight, so make sure that lighting is up to the task. Hire an electrician to install light switches at the top and bottom of the stairs, to encourage your loved one to switch them on and off as needed.

Loose carpeting a trip hazard

Old and worn stair carpets are a slip and trip hazard, so replace them with new, non-slip carpeting, and have it installed by a qualified carpet fitter.

It can be helpful to highlight stair nosing with non-slip tape in bright colors, particularly the top and bottom steps of a flight, which is where the majority of accidents occur.

Clutter at the top of the staircase

Rugs should never be placed close to a staircase, as they increase the risk of tripping and falling. Check stairs and steps for any potential dangers, such as items of furniture nearby that could cause your loved one to trip or stumble. Ideally, the route to a staircase should be clear, well lit and uncluttered.

Inappropriate footwear looses grip.

If your loved one experiences any mobility problems, the correct footwear can be helpful, providing excellent grip and support for the feet. Old or worn shoes and slippers should be thrown out and replaced with sturdy and practical footwear with a non-slip sole.

CustomerAffairs (4.7/5)


Stairlift Jordan, Amman | Lebanon, Beirut | Handicare | Straight | Home Mobility