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Stairlifts: we answer the most popular questionS about stairlift prices.

We reveal all the secrets behind stairlift prices... and it is not what your expect. Watch this video!

Stairlift Jordan, Amman | Lebanon, Beirut | Handicare | Curved | Home Mobility
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Stairlift Jordan, Amman | Lebanon, Beirut | Handicare | Curved | Home Mobility
Stairlift Jordan, Amman | Lebanon, Beirut | Handicare | Curved | Home Mobility
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Stairlift Jordan, Amman | Lebanon, Beirut | Handicare | Curved | Home Mobility

This is the question we get asked the most! What determines the cost of a stairlift?

Every family is looking to balance the benefits (value) of installing a stairlift to prevent a fall of a loved one on the stairs (and the ramification of such a fall), verses the investment (cost) required to purchase the equipment.

For families,  the value of a stairlift  is priceless. They are investing in their peace of mind, because a fall on the stairs can be extremely devastating.

Research from The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) brings  home the real value of a stairlift. 

* The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)

FACT *: 60% of accident-related deaths amongst the elderly are due to falls involving stairs or steps. 

Assistive technology such as stairlifts, meet the highest European standards of safety. Stairlifts are designed with 6 safety edges, and multiple redundancies to ensure they pass European safety norms (EN81-40).

Stairlifts are an electronic marvel, that work flawlessly at the touch of a button. They are MUCH more than just a rail, motor and a chair.

A stairlift is the preferred alternative when you need a fast solution for your staircase. It bolts onto the actual steps, and requires no additional adaptations to your staircase.

Stairlifts are a cheaper solution than a cabin lift, easier to maintain, and consume much less power (less than a lightbulb). They are installed in less than a day.

So back to the real question.

How much do i need to invest (cost) to enjoy the invaluable benefits (value) of a stairlift?

Here goes…

Asking us how much does a stairlift cost would be similar to asking a taxi driver how much does a car ride cost, before telling him where you want to go. 

Or buying a new computer without checking out its specifications.

It is the same for stairlifts! Giving a price is not the difficult part- I just need to checkout your staircase information first.

And here is Why!
You need to know 3 important things about stairlifts:

  1. A stair lift is sophisticated a mechanical device for lifting people up and down stairs. A rail is mounted to the steps of the stairs. A chair  is attached to the rail. A person gets onto the chair and is lifted up or down the stairs by the chair which moves along the rail.
  2. Stairlifts are CUSTOM made to your stairs.
  3. NO two staircases are exactly the same.

There are 5 key considerations in formulating the correct the price, when a stairlift solution is being designed for you.

#1-The shape of the stairs will determine the type stairlift best suited to your staircase.  SO, is your staircase straight or curved? Even then, you need to know what qualifies as a straight or curved staircase. For example, a straight staircase has no intermediate landing, all steps are of the same height (yes! incredibly enough, often you will find that there is 1 or 2 weird step heights, and these are a main cause for falls on the stairs.)

#2-The location of the stairs makes a big difference, as outdoor stairlifts need to be weatherproofed, to ensure that they work effectively in rain, snow or sleet- or sand storm! The factory warranty on outdoor stairlifts means you do not need to worry. SO, is your staircase inside or outdoor? Indoor means inside a structure, and completely protected from ALL the elements. 

#3-The length of the staircase tells us how muck track will be needed to get you to the floor you want. The tracks are made to the EXACT measurements of your staircase. It will not fit anywhere else! They are shaped to follow smooth curves, with tight bends around corners, so as to take up as little as possible of your staircase width. They are also molded to precise angles making the ride smooth and confortable, without violent changes in direction. – So, how many floors does your staircase cover?

#4-The number of turns and landings in the staircases will tell us that the factory needs to take extra special care on these critical parts of the rail, and use special equipment to mold the bends to the stairs in an eye pleasing manner. Yes! esthetics matters too. Stairlifts are not just functional, they pieces of art, designed to match your home décor. SO, how many bends does your stair case have?

#5-What additional options will be required by the user to facilitate the use of the stairlift? This thing you want to buy needs to be a complete, safe, solution to overcome the difficulty of climbing the stairs. The user’s ability to control the lift (toggle types), how to get on and off safely (seat type), where the lift starts and ends (yes, you can choose that too!),… There are many options available to you, although you may need nothing more than the basics. SO, what additional options will you need?

We make getting a price estimate easy. Just CLICK on the “GET A QUOTE” button below (yes, the red one!)

We will tell you how to send us a video of your staircase via WhatsApp messenger so that we answer all the questions correctly for you, and we send you back an accurate quote. You will also get your own digital brochure, and a great video that shows how a stairlift works.

Not sure how to take a good video? no problem, we show you how below! 

Get your estimate the next day, by sending us a short video of your staircase by WhatsApp.

You no longer have to wait days to get an estimate for your stairlift

You receive your estimate the next day, when you send us a short video of your staircase by WhatsApp.

Get instructions on how best to show us your staircase. Watch the video below.

We show you how best to take a video of your staircase

Turn on your phone camera.

Starting at the foot of the stairs, showing clearly what lies to the left and the right of the staircase start.

Start climbing your staircase, showing us clearly ALL the steps, all the way to the top.

At the top of the stairs, show the area around the last step

Your are done. Now you are ready to send the video by WhatsApp.

Get your estimate the next day, by sending us a short video of your staircase by WhatsApp.

How to Buy a Stairlift.

STEP 1: Free Home Assessment

Home Mobility offers you a completely free, no-obligation home survey and assessment. By visiting your home, we answer all your questions make sure you get the stairlift that fits your staircase.

STEP 2: Staircase Measurements

To make sure that your new stairlift is a perfect fit for your stairs, we use a unique 4D electronic survey system. This takes the manual work out of surveying your stairs, ensuring that the measurements are taken accurately and quickly.

STEP 3: Price Quotation

Once your needs identified and your staircase surveyed, we will present you with a “no obligation” quotation.

STEP 4: Installation

Once ordered, and depending on your stairlift requirement, your stairlift will be installed as soon as it’s shipped into your country of residence. Once we have a delivery date, we will arrange a convenient time to come along and fit your new stairlift.

Stay Independent in your own Home

Home Mobility  Stairlifts restore freedom in the home  safely. Our Stairlifts  are a great value solution to help people with limited mobility to remain independent in their own home. 

Straight stairlifts tracks can only travel in straight lines, they cannot turn a corner or go around a bend.

Curved stairlift tracks that are specifically designed to suit staircases that have at least one bend.

Outdoor stairlifts are weatherproofed stairlifts.

Up to 140 kg

Maximum load capacity

Quality Assured

Safety first (EU norms EN81-40)

Made in Europe

Comprehensive warrantee


CE logo

 * EN 81-40:2008 – European standards- Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts – Special lifts for the transport of persons and goods – Part 40: Stairlifts and inclined lifting platforms intended for persons with impaired mobility.

If you think you cannot afford a stairlift, then you definetely cannot afford the alternative. Get a stairlift today!

60% of accident-related deaths amongst the elderly are due to falls involving stairs or steps*.

Every year thousands of people look for a solution to the problems posed by staircases in their home.

Get your estimate the next day, by sending us a short video of your staircase by WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is a stairlift?

A stairlift consists of a rail, a chassis with power unit and a seat. The track is mounted safely on the steps and NOT the handrail. The seat is mounted on the chassis. While in use the stairlift moves the seat up and down along the rail. The rail is custom made to follow the shape of your staircase, and the chair is operated by batteries, that are automatically recharged at the start and end of the rail.

What is the delivery time ?

Our stairlifts are customised to fit your home’s staircase, so manufacturing lead times are longer than our standard straight
stairlifts. However, we understand the need to keep you safe within your home. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of stairlifts we have modern and optimised planning and production processes, which is why you can count on short delivery times.

Can a stairlift be installed on my staircase?

Handicare offers a wide selection of stairlifts for straight and curved stairs. With a variety of lift models we are able to provide a suitable solution for each setting regardless of whether the stairs are narrow, steep, curved or long. Handicare always has a fitting solution for your staircase.

What is the maximum user weight ?

Our stairlifts can accomodate user weights up to 136Kg, while the seat width and height can be adapted to fit the user dimensions.

What is the price of a stairlift?

Since every stairlift is customised, The price varies in regards to the stairlift configuration. However, we offer a number of solutions to work with every budget.

What happens to stairlift during a power cut?

A power failure is no reason to worry. Your stairlift will use its batteries to remain operational and can still be used for at least 10 rides up and down the stairs.

How long to install a stairlift?

Our stairlifts are pre-assembled in the factory in such a way that the installation time in your home is reduced. Therefore, a Handicare stairlift can usually be installed in a few hours

Will the stairlift match my décor ?

We will do our best to find the perfect match between the stairlift and your décor. Handicare offers you a choice of a number of seat and upholstery colours that have been selected to coordinate with most interior colours.

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By choosing a Home Mobility Stairlift , you are benefiting from years of experience installing safe, reliable and simple to use stairlift solutions. On offer is a wide range of Stairlifts from reputed world leading brands, offering an array of styles and options of Straight Stairlifts and Curved Stairlifts for indoor and outdoor use

Get your estimate the next day, by sending us a short video of your staircase by WhatsApp.