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Home Mobility is a leading provider of straight and curved, indoor and outdoor, home stairlifts and wheelchair platform stairlifts .

Stairlift Jordan, Amman | Lebanon, Beirut | Home Mobility

Our stair-lifts installations cover many regions, including Lebanon, Jordan, Syria , UAE and  West Africa. 

We offer you the  benefit of years of experience, and  a wide range of stair-lifts from reputed world leading brands. 

 Our mission is to provide solutions to every day mobility problems in and outside home. 

We strive to improve the quality of life of our customers by offering  solutions tailored to your specific needs. 

Stairlift Jordan, Amman | Lebanon, Beirut | Home Mobility

Handicare is a leading European supplier of Home Stairlifts that is helping hundreds of thousands of people across the world take control of their lives, and overcome the challenges posed by their stairs at home.

Handicare works alongside healthcare professionals every day and  understands what to consider when selecting the best solution to fulfill the needs of the stairlift user, their stairs and their budget.

When you choose  a stairlift from Handicare you benefit from these relationships too. Decades of experience are ploughed back in developing safe, reliable and simple to use stairlift solutions.

They are designed to help thousands of users maintain their independence, and stay in the home that they love.

Stairlift Jordan, Amman | Lebanon, Beirut | Home Mobility

Vimex is a leading European supplier of Wheelchair platform Stairlift, offers the latest technology to improve accessibility for people with disabilities and mobility problems, both inside and outside the home.

They offer a wide range of custom solutions that stand out, thanks to their functionality, sturdiness, and reliability.

We provide the  ability for wheelchair users to move about in various environments, with safe and easy to use systems.

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