Consumer Rating (4.9/5.0)
Consumer Rating (4.9/5.0)

Stair Climber

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Overcome architectural barriers.

The Roby model is a tracked mobile stairclimber that allows people confined to wheelchairs to overcome architectural barriers while moving about both inside and outside the home, with no need for any fixed installation.

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Up to 130 kg

Maximum load capacity

23 floors of travel

On one battery charge

Made in EU

Safe and reliable.

Market leader #1

The Roby is a market leader and a great choice, with avant-garde solutions.

Attendant wheelchar model
Attendant Wheelchair
Standard model
Standard wheelchair
Multifunctional chair

Easy to use.

Control panel on the adjustable steering bar that includes a battery charge gauge, gradient indicator, emergency stop button, activation key. The Roby is powered by an irreversible electronically controlled geared motor. 

  • A constant journey speed in every situation;
    whether travelling up or down, laden or unladen the speed will remain the same
  • 23 Floors of travel from one battery charge;
    Safe and easy use for both passenger and


The Roby  features  improve the experience of the operators and passengers. They ensure stability and fluid movement whilst travelling both up and down the stairs. They also provide greater maneuverability when travelling on level.

Home Mobility


The total electronic management system reduces mechanical component wear and tear. This increases the product reliability and drastically reduces the chance of component failure. This system also manages battery charge to ensure charging instructions are followed. The system will not allow the battery charge to drop below a certain level. When the battery charge reaches its minimum level, the Roby will provide only enough power to reach the next available level surface. This avoids total discharge, ensuring maximum performance and longevity of the battery.

lady on stairs

Automatic wheels

Automatic wheels – always on – that automatically adjust to the gap/solid of the step and facilitate movement on a level surface


The features available on the Roby are all aimed
at improving the experience of the operators and passengers.
They ensure stability and fluid movement whilst travelling both up and down the stairs. They also provide greater maneuverability when
travelling on level.

Safety first.

The Roby includes a manual descent system in compliance with current european regulations. This system allows passengers to be securely transported either up or down stairs to safety.


Roby’s design is modern, pleasing and is made of totally recyclable materials.

  • Steering wheel in aluminium oval profile. Control panel and casing in ABS.
  • Belts in non-slip rubber.
  • Headrest and grips in cleansable material.
  • The smooth lines with no sharp edges or corners can be cleaned in just a few minutes.

Roby T09 features.

What makes the Roby T09 unique?


Market leader

Manual operation


Compliance with current European regulations.

Roby parts


Greater maneuverability when travelling on level.


Easy to use

Ergonomically designed controls.

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Made in Italy (CE)


Quiet and smooth ride

Four drive rollers friction rail system

Handicare 1100 keeps the space on your stairs

The Handicare 1100 has a slim design. The armrests, footrest and seat can be folded up when you are not using the stairlift. This leaves enough space on the stairs for normal use or any emergency situations.

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By choosing a Home Mobility Stairlift , you are benefiting from years of experience installing safe, reliable and simple to use stairlift solutions. On offer is a wide range of Stairlifts from reputed world leading brands, offering an array of styles and options of Straight Stairlifts and Curved Stairlifts for indoor and outdoor use

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