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How To Buy A Stairlift

How to buy a Stairlift Stairlift in 4 simple steps

We answer all your questions on How to buy a Stairlift, to make sure you get the right Stairlift that fits your staircase. Every year, thousands of people look for a solution to remain independent in their home. Choosing a stairlift can be an overwhelming task. We are here to make this task as easy as possible for you.

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STEP 1: Free Assessment

 Home Mobility offers you a completely free, no-obligation home survey and assessment. By visiting your home, we answer all your questions make sure you get the stairlift that fits your staircase. To help you visualize what your new stairlift will look like in your home we use our unique app that can illustrate how different stairlifts will look on your staircase.

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STEP 2: Staircase Survey

To make sure that your new stairlift is a perfect fit for your stairs, we use a unique 3D electronic survey system. This takes the manual work out of surveying your stairs, ensuring that the measurements are taken accurately and quickly.

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STEP 3: Quotation

Once your needs identified and your staircase surveyed, we will present you with a “no obligation” quotation.

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STEP 4: Installation.

Once ordered, and depending on your stairlift requirement, your stairlift will be installed as soon as it’s shipped into your country of residence. Once we have a delivery date, we will arrange a convenient time to come along and fit your new stairlift.

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How to buy a Stairlift Stairlift in 4 simple steps

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By choosing a Handicare  Stairlift from Home Mobility, you are benefiting from years of experience installing safe, reliable and simple to use stairlift solutions. On offer is a wide range of Stairlifts from reputed world leading brands, offering an array of styles and options of Straight Stairlifts and Curved Stairlifts for indoor and outdoor use

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How To Buy a Stairlift?

Find the best stairlift for you in four easy questions.

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How Much Does a Stailift Cost?

The stairlift cost will depend on the type of staircase you have .

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